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Designed an E-Commerce store on Shopify for this beautiful vintage furniture shop. This modern and elegant layout shows off the amazing products this business is selling

Sunday Stroll.PNG

This business has an E-Commerce that allows customers to Rent special jackets for weddings. We also configured some of the jackets to be customizable so customers can personalize them before purchasing!

mrs jacket.PNG

Designed and Developed a website for a local gym. This sleek and modern website is filled with effective Call-To-Action buttons to get the business owner most amount of leads


53-Adelaide is a premium beard care brand that offers shipping through their online store. We built this website on a free to use platform, Square so the business does not pay any monthly server costs.


Designed and Developed a sleek and modern website for a local small business that sells organic coconut syrup! The website is filled with bright and welcoming colours. There is also a pop-up to collect emails and gives the visitors a chance to enter in a giveaway to get a free Syrup bottle.

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